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Road to Hana guided van tour or road to Hana guide yourself CD? Which is best for you? If you have never driven the road to Hana, click here to see what all the excitement is about. Then you can come back here and decide what is best for you.

So you know what The Road to Hana is all about but you're not sure how to do it? The choice is easy:

1. Would you like someone to drive the curves and stop at the best road to Hana spots and tell you about the things you are seeing including facts, legends, and history? You relax and enjoy the ride without worry, but go where and when your knowledgeable guide decides. If that sounds good to you, you should do the guided van tour. For the more adventurous fit types you might want to check out Hawaii Discount Activities for some amazing guided hikes along the road to Hana and elsewhere.

2. Or.... would you rather hassle with driving your own car but have the freedom to stop when you like and go where you like on your own time frame, while listening to the facts, legends and history on your rental car CD player. If that sounds good, you want the Boss Frog's Road to Hana CD.

Both methods are fantastic. Some do both styles of the road to Hana tour (on two seperate days of course).

Ekahi Road to Hana Van TourMaui Road to Hana Van Tour

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Polynesian Adventure Tours can take you for a friendly, personalized tour of the road to Hana. Enjoy all the sites of Hana without the headaches of driving the winding road to Hana. This is an all day tour that will take you to all the beautiful sites along the way. Visit tropical waterfalls, rainforests, lava flows and unbelievable views of the Maui coast. Explore the Maui of your Dreams - Tropical, Exotic, Breathtaking. Poly Ad knows the Maui you're hoping to find and they love to share it with you. This well established tour company welcomes you to those hidden valleys, dramatic waterfalls, awe-inspiring vistas, and hard to get areas in the unhurried "local style" you love about Hawaii. Poly Ad blends in with the Hawaiian Community, by remaining respectful to local culture. Have more Fun on Maui! This all-inclusive road to Hana tour provides a personalized van with hotel pickup. All day fun tour includes a trip to the Tedeschi Winery.

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Maui Road to Hana CD

CD: $

Road to Hana CD Boss Frog's Road to Hana CD - So you want to take the Hana ride in your own rental car with just your family? Just stop by one of the 6 Boss Frog Shops and pick up the best Hana CD available. Just stick the CD in your rental car CD player and let the soothing voice guide your trip at your own pace. The recording starts you from where ever you are and gives you complete directions. You just listen and it will tell you where and when to turn it off and on as you drive keeping the program in sync with what you are seeing. It will give you interesting history of the areas you pass as well as where to stop for side hikes to waterfalls and beautiful views. It will describe the fauna and flora you will see and tell you where it came from. Wanna do it your way? Boss Frog's Hana Cd is the way. Exclusively at Boss Frog's.

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For even more detailed information and tips, check out the Road to Hana Guide. This page gives you all the information you need before driving on the Hana Highway.

Hana Photos taken by Natalie Brown Photography.

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