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Cheap fun is a collection of things to do to that are free or close to free. This doesn't mean they are only for visitors with a small budget and are inferior in some way to the more costly activities. Actually, these may be the most fun activities of all. They just happen to be cheap!

What makes these activities inexpensive is that you do them by yourself. No guides, no boats, no tickets. The Frog and other locals do these things all the time.

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-------------------Scenic Drives

HanaWest Maui CircleHaleakala

Maui is a beautiful island with more open space than you may expect. Nearly everywhere you drive could be considered a scenic drive but The Frog has three nice drives in particular he would like to share with you. The Road to Hana is a popular all-day excursion to the eastern end of the island. You'll want to get up early and expect to be back after dark if you want to do it "right." If you're looking for something a little less time consuming, try the West Maui Circle. This narrow road circles the West Maui Mountains and is less traveled than the Road to Hana. An early trek up to the top of Haleakala for a spectacular sunrise is another drive you shouldn't miss. If you have the time, try them all. The only cost is your gas and film.

-------------------Hiking and Walks

Back to TopIao ValleyHoapili TrailHaleakala

Clean air and exquisite weather is likely to get visitors in the mood for a hike or a walk. Depending on your energy level and physical shape, there are plenty from which to choose. The Frog has listed his favorites here.

Iao Valley is a mystical place with nice walks and a couple of hikes so it is a place for everyone. If you are looking for long strolls along the beach and the beach by your condo or hotel just doesn't cut it, try Sugar Beach. How about a hike across the most recent lava flow on the island? Hoapili Trail offers just that with bonuses of Hawaiian ruins, secluded beaches, and even a great blow hole. Although there are more Petroglyphs on the island of Hawaii, Maui has some very nice ones that are easily located. Haleakala National Park offers hikes and walks of all kinds. Choose one best suited to you. For a more "civilized" walk or hike, Lahaina Town offers historical sites, museums, and a peek at the former capitol of the Hawaiian Kingdom. Kealia Pond trail is an easy couple of miles around an area of protected wetlands and wildlife. Bring binoculars!

-------------------See Some Art

Back to TopMaui Galleries

Maui is famous for having inspired thousands of artists into moving here because of the gorgeous surroundings and open-minded people that live here. With their migration and diverse influence, Maui is home to hundreds of wonderful art galleries. This is a great way to enjoy some inexpensive (if not Free) time in Maui. Some of the more popular areas for checking out art are in Wailea, Lahaina, and Makawao. Lahaina alone has enough art to keep you busy for a few days.

The people working at these Maui art galleries are helpful and friendly. They're not pushy and you're welcome to cruise around and just look.


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Maui is a great place for lovers. Many couples come here to get married and return for honeymoons. If you and your significant other will be here alone, or expect to have some time alone, try this. Grab a large towel and/or a couple of beach chairs, maybe a bottle of wine or favorite beverage, maybe some cheese and bread or favorite snack, and find a secluded spot on the West side of the island. Believe it or not, there are plenty of places like this. You can ask the concierge at your hotel or one of the friendly frog helpers where to find a suitable place near you. Head out well before the sun sets so you can spend time walking the beach or just enjoying the view. Toast the setting of the sun and enjoy each others company as the stars fill the sky. This could well be the most memorable time you spend on the Valley Isle.


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Maui offers some of the best snorkeling in the world, and all you need to do is pick a beach, grab your snorkel gear and head on out for an amazing adventure. Great beaches for snorkeling are all over the West side of Maui. Ka'anapali Beach, Kamaole Beach Park and Honolua are some of the favorites, but use our snorkel map to help you pick the best spot for you. For some great beaches to snorkel at as well as some coupons for gear and boat trips, go to the Maui Snorkeling Guide.

Snorkel Map


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Maui Surfing is the some of the best in the world. As far a cheap activities, this is extremely affordable. You can rend a board at a local surf shop, or even take a professional surf lesson at low cost. There a multiple surf breaks up and down the West and South coast with mellow fun waves to learn on. Gathering up the troops and going down to the beach for a BBQ and some surfing is what Maui is all about. You can plan an entire day of fun for less than 100 dollars for the whole family by packing a lunch or BBQ, renting some boards, going to a fun surfing beach, and enjoying a great day in the sun.

-------------------Beach Lounging

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Lounging at the beach with friends and family is what Maui is all about. If you want to find the best beach Maui has to offer, there are a few resources. When searching for the perfect sandy beach, you'll find the Maui guide to be helpful. For those of you who want a little more than lounging, check out our snorkel map for wonderful beaches with great reefs. Bring a book, a towel and some sunblock and you'll be set. Remember that the cool breezes make Maui's sun seem less threatening than it is. You can bring an umbrella for shade, but if it's too windy, you may prefer more sunblock to a difficult umbrella. If you'd like to rent a boogie board or surfboard, buy a raft, or any other beach gear, go to Boss Frog's Dive and Surf for the best prices and largest selection.


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