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Everyone draws a different line between what to bring to Maui and what to rent when you get here. You may want to bring that favorite mask that fits you so well but not your heavy weight belt. Few people want to lug a surfboard to the airport and many people don't own a boogie board. And who wants to bring a beach umbrella all the way to Maui when you can rent one for a couple bucks a day?

Realizing this, the Maui Vacation Network has assembled a variety of great rental equipment for you to choose from at any of our Boss Frog's Dive and Surf shops. One stop, and you are set up with all the gear you need for your entire Maui Vacation!

--------------------------------------Snorkeling Gear
maui snorkeling pic

Never snorkeled before? No problem. Let The Frog guide you. It's really quite easy. His experienced staff will show you how to choose the equipment that is best for you, how to use it, and where to go on Maui to see the most for your experience level. The Frog's main goal is to see to it that you have the most enjoyable experience possible while snorkeling Maui. Although he carries all of the gear you need to enjoy a day at the beach, snorkel gear is his specialty.

Snorkeling is also one of the cheapest things to do on our beautiful island. For the price of one meal, you can snorkel all week long. And The Frog refuses to carry anything but the best equipment at each price range. While some of his competitors are trying to save money by "inventing" some new fandangle contraption for you to use to breathe, The Frog sticks to the best snorkel known to man. The Impulse II ® Easy Breathe, Dry Snorkel by Jacques Cousteau's company, US Divers. It may cost him a little more but after all, this is used for breathing underwater!

OK. Now that you're ready to go snorkeling, you want to know what kind of gear Boss Frog rents and how much can you expect to pay. Well here it is in black and blue and The Frog dares you to compare price/quality with anyone else on the island. Don't forget to check out the Internet Specials.

All Snorkel Sets 2 for 1 with weekly rental

The Panoramic Set

Every shop that rents snorkel gear on Maui has an inexpensive Panoramic set to enable them to advertise a snorkel set for about 2 bucks a day. Well, The Frog has one too. Of course because he's a frog, he has a jump on the rest. He rents 'em for $1.50 per day or $9 per week (For 2 Sets). Not much of a jump you say? How about if he throws in a small jug of Frog Spit© to keep your mask from fogging up? Sound better? Then he gives you a snorkel map on which he - or his staff - will personally highlight the places best for you to go. Even better huh? But he isn't through yet! He also kicks in a fish ID chart so you can see what you saw. Then, just to be sure you are getting the best deal anyone can give you, he pulls the big one out of the hat! He throws in a free snorkel trip on his own 55 foot power catamaran - the Frogman II with a weekly rental (there's a nominal $7 ticket fee). The Panoramic set is the set for you if money is your main concern. But remember, you get all those extras with the better sets too.

The Comfort Set

Hey, now we're starting to talk snorkel sets. The Frog has assembled some of the best silicone masks on the market from the most trusted names in diving. Names like US Divers and Sea Sport. Why silicone? Because it's the best material made to create a good seal with your face and it's the most comfortable too. The Frog uses a variety of brands and styles because each one is made a little different. That way, when you come into one of his shops you can be fitted with the mask that matches the contours of your face for the best possible seal. He's pretty smart huh?

So, for a mere $6 per day or $42 per week (For 2 Sets), you get all this:

  • a high quality, brand-name silicone mask
  • a quality "J" type snorkel
  • a nice pair of fins
  • a snorkel map (personally highlighted to match your needs)
  • a fish ID chart
  • a small jug of frog spit (to keep your mask from fogging)
  • a free (there's a nominal lunch fee) snorkel cruise on the Frogman (with a weekly rental)

Easy Breathe Set

Same quality mask and fins as the Comfort set above except instead of the regular "J" snorkel, this set includes the patented Impulse II ® Easy Breathe Dry Snorkel by Jacques Cousteau's company, US Divers. The Easy Breathe is to snorkeling what sliced is to bread.

When you are snorkeling, water is always going to come into the top of the tube. Whether you dive down 30 feet to check out a smiling crustacean or you just float on top and turn your head a little, water will enter your snorkel. This has been true since the cavemen snorkeled with a piece of bamboo in their mouth and it still is. With the Easy Breathe snorkel however, the water that enters the top exits out of the patented circular one-way valve long before is ever reaches your mouth. No salt water in your mouth - no need to blow the water out. Just your regular breathing keeps this snorkel dry!

So, for a mere $9 per day or $63 per week (For 2 Sets), you get all this:

  • a high quality, brand-name silicone mask
  • an Impulse II ® Easy Breathe, Dry Snorkel by Jacques Cousteau's company, US Divers
  • a nice pair of fins
  • a snorkel map (personally highlighted to match your needs)
  • a fish ID chart
  • a jug of frog spit (to keep your mask from fogging)
  • a free (there's a nominal lunch fee) snorkel cruise on the Frogman (with a weekly rental)

Optical Set

"OK," you say, "but what if I can't even see the big E on the vision chart?"

Not to worry. The Frog thinks of everything. If you are nearsighted, he has a mask for you. With diopter numbers from -2.0 to -7.0, he can take the blur out of all those beBaLuUtRiful fish.

So, for only $10 per day or $70 per week (For 2 Sets), you can be equipped with all of the state-of-the-art equipment listed on the Easy Breathe Set above PLUS the optical mask so you will be able to see the fish! Not bad huh?

Floatation Devices

Most people need no floatation devices at all. As long as you are comfortable in the water, even if you don't swim, The Frog can show you where to find a calm bay that is shallow enough to stand up and still has plenty to see. Salt water makes humans and frogs float very easily. But if you want to venture out a little further or you just like the security of something to float on, The Frog has 3 options to choose from. After all, even a frog likes to hang out on a lily pad once in a while.

The Snorkel Vest is a vest that slips over your head and covers your chest. A handy valve allows you to fill it with as much air as suits you.

The Float Belt wraps around your waist and keeps your middle up.

The Body Board is a great way to have security without having to wear something cumbersome. Plus you can go body surfing if you want!

Which is best? That's up to you to decide. Whatever your preference, The Frog only charges $5 per day or $15 per week.


---------------------------------------Surfing Gear


Maui has the surf and Boss Frog has the boards. Longboards, shortboards, skinnyboards and fatboards. Foamsboards, glassboards, plasticboards and... well, you get the picture.

To help keep things simple, Boss Frog rents all of his surfboards for the same price. For only $20 per day or $75 per week, Boss Frog will give you the board best suited to your skill level and current conditions, plus any straps and pads you need to attach it to any rental car (except a longboard to a convertible). Kowabunga dude?


If boogie boarding is your bag, Boss Frog has a deal for you. Frogs know the importance of a good bodyboard and Boss Frog refuses to rent anything but the best, large, slick boards. At $5 per day or $15 per week, there's no reason not to throw a couple in your trunk as soon as you get here so you'll always be ready for those cool breaks.

Stand Up Paddle boards? We got you covered. We've got a different range of sizes for all levels.


---------------------------------------Beach Gear

There's a whole pile of other stuff you may want to have here but not bring with you. As usual, Boss Frog's got you covered.

Beach chairs, umbrellas, coolers, floatation devices, wetsuits. All at reasonable prices.


Remember, if you have any questions feel free to call us at 1-888-700-3764 ext. 3!

In Hawaii? Dial 1-808-661-3333 ext. 3

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